Explore and analyze your cataract and refractive surgery results with


Refractive Surgery Graphics





RSG features:


  • Upload an excel file with up to 100.000 rows and 20 columns, an excel template with just the headers is available to download
  • 18 flexible standard columns, just fill in the data you have, leave the rest blank. Age, visus, refraction and keratometry pre-op and post-op and target refraction
  • 2 factors of your choice to fill in
  • Data summary and validation
  • In eligible graphics, choose the points you want and download them as an excel
  • Descriptive graphics
  • Refractive or corneal SIA
  • Standard graphics to report refractive surgery outcomes
  • Download a report in pdf with the standard graphics and coefficients. Choose a title and an introduction for it
  • Full working demo lets you upload up to 20 eyes
  • Great price



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