The last update to the RSG program is online. Now you can choose to see the linear regression model lines in the SE preop vs postop for every factor:





You can also download the tables made when you select points:








You may have been in a situation where you have to do an eye test with projectors in different rooms and you think that people in one room has better visual acuity than in the other. Or you may bring a chart from another room that was designed for that room distance but you don't have that space.

Well, with this calculator you can check your optotypes or adapt them to other rooms without having to do yourself all the calculations: 



In this update I added 3 columns to the excel, CDVA pre-op and post-op and UDVA post-op. You can now color the points in the SE preop-postop graphic by patient age or by change in lines in the CDVA. The standard graphics for reporting outcomes are now six and the attempted vs achieved SE shows now the linear regression formula and the coefficient of determination. Also some minor esthetic changes.





You can test it here.