The last update to the RSG program is online. Now you can choose to see the linear regression model lines in the SE preop vs postop for every factor:





You can also download the tables made when you select points:








The last update of RSG is online. Now you can choose your own factors like sex, IOL type, operator, OD/OS, you name it. The preop vs postop SE graphics can show now the combination of this factors in a matrix of graphics to give you even more insight in the outcomes. You can try it here.






I have added a new tab to the RSG online program for documentation. You can see it as a pdf here.





In this update I added 3 columns to the excel, CDVA pre-op and post-op and UDVA post-op. You can now color the points in the SE preop-postop graphic by patient age or by change in lines in the CDVA. The standard graphics for reporting outcomes are now six and the attempted vs achieved SE shows now the linear regression formula and the coefficient of determination. Also some minor esthetic changes.





You can test it here.


I added a column for the age of the patient and another for the target spherical equivalent, now it's possible to see also the histogram of the patient ages. The points of the S.E. preop vs postop can be coloured by age range and selected by target S.E. Also added a new tab to see and download some standard graphics for reporting outcomes. You can test it here.





Soon a minor update for the manual of the program and the next major update will include visual acuities.