There is an update on the RSG program, there is a new tab now to show the histograms for the S.E. preop and postop, for the S.E. postop it shows the mean and standard deviation, also it is now possible to choose the preop cilinder range and only those points will be shown, the centroids for the astigmatism will be updated for those points. You can test it here.








I am excited to announce the launch of RSG by EyeData, an online program to interact with your refractive surgery data.

Features include:

  • Upload your excel table with just 7 columns, one for ID and 6 for sphere, cilinder and axis preop and postop respectively.
  • See the S.E. preop vs S.E. postop.
  • See double angle plots for the astigmatism for preop and postop.
  • Zoom in the graphic for more detail.
  • Choose one or more points to see details about them.
  • Download the graphics you want for presentations.

RSG is still under active development so expect many more features to come !

Try the demo site here, you can play with the simulated dataset with 100 eyes or upload your own data up to a maximum of 20 eyes. The site without upload limitation for a fee per month will be opening soon, if you want to receive an update about it, let me know via the contact form with the subject "RSG".